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hi guys! Maja is like making me write for her blog and stuff. Well I met Maja at the beginning at the school year and she was just a super cool person and yea we became friends really soon. Anyways, before school started this year I had just recently moved to Texas from Miami, Florida so she really wasnt the only new person. I love America because of burgers. I am an American that is not fat nor stupid. Also we are ashamed and sorry about donald trump. Football games are pretty fun and i have gone to most of the games with maja. Also, here in America we do not get paid to go to school, so maybe you guys can get our governments to meet up and maybe exchange ideas in educational areas :) i love swedish chocolate, when Maja made me try swedish candy, i almost started crying. that is an extravagant amount of salt. I hope all of your sodium levels are stable. This has been Victoria from America, goodnight.
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